Ramen and Protein Shakes??

Less than 24hrs from my one-on-one call with a marketing agency, I’m walking into the apartment carrying a huge box and being the kid that I am I was even shaking it to gauge how much is in it.

I had a long sleep last night. From a 4-days streak of waking up and starting work at 6AM, today was different. I feel out of control of things again. My to-do list is getting longer and longer and my mind isn’t helping much at minimising it. After I check one, another two gets added. Long long long list enough to keep me occupied for the entire month. And another list starting for November—already!

I used to pride myself in multitasking and getting lots and lots of things done. But recently I feel exhausted instead of accomplished. I’m disrespecting my boundaries. I know.

Today I just couldn’t bring myself to make breakfast. I started the day online shopping because it’s 10.15 Payday Sale. I didn’t even bother signing up for my usual vanity vouchers every payday. I just feel exhausted. Online shopping is now a chore when I used to enjoy it a lot I even signed up as an affiliate for the platform. My bank is also a mess, transactions that used to be real-time now takes 6 hrs.


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