My latte learnings

I tried!!! ?

Why does every pour I do feel like the first time tho?? ? Palagi na lang iba-iba ang nagiging result eh! ☕️ I noticed na the first pour is ok then the last one gets kulang and because I panic, it gets messy na lang. Hahaha ?

But I’m sooo happy kasi I think I’ve learnt to make my steaming jug work with my machine na and the milk texture can now help me create latte art, compared to before when I all get is foam OR very thin milk. Lol

My equipment are:

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Before I purchased a 350ml jug, I first purchased a 600ml version.

According to my research kasi if you want to pour to a 350ml cup you should get a bigger jug to make sure you have enough room for milk.

But steaming with a 600ml jug didn’t work because my machine doesn’t seem to have enough steaming power to roll milk in it.

I tried using the mouth of my moka pot and it did work as a pitcher but didn’t do the job properly.

Then I swapped jugs with my friend, kaso super liit pala ng nabili nya it’s only 60ml! HAHAHA Well my machine rolled the heck out of that 60ml jug but the amount can only pour for a beri kyut cup or only to taint for a macchiato.

So, I finally gave in and bought this 350ml jug.

Swabe, mga mamser!

I thought to myself, “Why da hekk did I prolong my agony by sticking to jugs that do not work and are not designed for my machine when I could have easily purchased the proper jug and enjoyed my coffee much earlier?”

Eh kasi akala ko I can make them work, albeit not having enough knowledge in making coffee and just winging it along the way: I have too much confidence in myself.

Hayy nako! ???

Bakit ganun tayo? Madalas alam na natin na things won’t work because they are not meant to be or they are not designed to work, pero pinipilit pa rin natin yung diskarte natin kahit alam natin na mali?

Pride kasi.

I’m not going to put any verse here. But I want you to think about the question above, and do the following (kung gusto mo lang; walang pilitan):

  1. I want you to think about the times when you kept doing things your way albeit knowing it’s not how they were meant to be done.
  2. And I want you to remember what consequences came with your decision to take matters into your own hands.
  3. Write them down on your journal.
  4. Then write what you eventually did after things didn’t go as planned.

Tapos I want you to go back to this list whenever you remember something that falls along these lines. From the littlest things to the huge decisions.

And I hope it serves as a manual for you to refer to whenever you are faced with a choice in life to either wing it or do what needs to be done.