“I’m doing my best so I will take my time.”

Often I find myself checking the time and getting anxious about how short an hour can be. I would rush and rush and physically feel the exhaustion despite sitting the whole time.

Today I remembered how much I’ve been keeping up with my expectations and showing up for the sake of affirmation. It’s wearisome and leaves you feeling empty.

The people around me appreciate me and they say that all the time. I realised it was myself who doesn’t appreciate me.

So today I’m taking 5 mins to thank myself for all the work she’s done. For keeping it together under all the pressure. For being able to achieve what our 22-year-old self only dreamt about.

I love you, self.
You don’t need to be the best all the time.
You’re already appreciated, loved, and rewarded.
Give your best but don’t forget to check on yourself.

You’re the best.
You’re the best!

Wow that felt good, really speaking to myself in the mirror and letting myself cry to see.

We underestimate how much our Self feels feelings. We thought we can handle things and often forget to take a breather.

Take 5 mins to talk to yourself in the mirror and encourage her!!


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