I need to work on my sleep

I think I figured out what’s making me feel cranky and frustrated.

It’s my brain punishing me from not getting up when I’m already awake.

Also revenge bed procrastination? Never a good idea. I just spent hours last night using the new garment steamer and I was up until midnight. I was too excited to try it and make it work. Lol why can’t I regulate my excitement like a normal person. ? There’s always an option of doing them in the morning or over the weekend but I just can’t make myself choose that.

Last night’s sleep

My sleep schedule is 10:30 PM to 6:00 AM. There were days when it’s super easy to follow that schedule, even manage to be productive about my wind-down routine. But something always puts me off along the way. I couldn’t keep it consistent.

Time Management — this is the root of all my frustration. Huhu.

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Psalm 90:12

I wish I could live by this verse and the work that comes with it. Ahuhuhu.

I became so frustrated of my sleep last year that I even purchased a melatonin diffuser. Didn’t help.

Haaaaaayyyyy what are your sleeping rituals?

Thinking back to whenever I get a good night sleep, I guess the routine that helped me most was:

  • doing a social media fast,
  • avoiding screens atleast an hour before bed time,
  • reading a book,
  • journaling my thoughts,
  • stretching before bed, or engaging in physical exercise during the day
  • doing the Sleep exercise by Breathwrk, and
  • turning the AC on for a suitable sleeping temperature, usually 24c or 25c works fine
Sleep exercise by Breathwrk

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