I couldn’t start writing this without internally screaming while the memories from each adrenaline-filled day flash back! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our #ApoReefic trip was 4D3N with our flight back to MNL on the 4th day. It was the best getaway I ever had yet! Great place, great people, great everything!!!

Day 0:

We left McKinley at 7pm, a bit behind schedule but we still managed to cope up since traffic was not as bad as we were expecting that day. Instead of going to Alabang and taking a bus to Batangas Port, we were fortunate enough to get a van in McKinley take us straight to Batangas Port for 3000php. We arrived earlier than expected, so we still had time to get a quick dinner and buy some snacks for the rest of the commute. I could not tell much about the commute we had because I was always sleeping (hehehe). All I can remember clearly was watching the moon shining over the sea while we were aboard the RORO heading to Abra De Ilog. 

Day 1:

The next thing I remember was banging my head on a bus window aware I am now in Abra De Ilog, then heading to Sablayan. We got to Sablayan Tourism office at 3:00 or 4:00, I think? Sorry, I fell asleep on a park outside the office and woke up hungry when we were about to leave for the day tour. Basically, the commutes were puzzle pieces to me (lol).

Aboard the boat in the middle of the ocean at around 5:00 in the morning, we have witnessed the glorious rising of the sun. It was one of those moments which will make you stop and ponder about how beautiful life is, and that no problem is that big to not overcome. The sunrise was so beautiful and comforting that I fell asleep and woke up with the sun brightly shining! (wahahahaha) A few minutes passed and we’re in Apo Reef!

We had lunch after registration and started the tour after resting for a bit more.

First stop was the Light House!

Overlooking view from the light house.

We had a quick rest after the light house trip before heading to the lagoon.

The way to the lagoon was a mini-trek through a mini-forest (mini mini mini~) and then a (bit longer than I expected) walk across bamboo bridges with Mangroves all around yaaaaaah. We saw a baby shark here!

This was followed by another snorkeling activity, now just near Apo Reef. We saw the incredible depth of an underwater cliff and several fishes but were not fortunate enough to spot sharks or sea turtles.

We headed to Sablayan for dinner and to set up our tents for the night. We had our first night in our tents. The entire day was so fun-filled that you would forget about how tiring it was!

Day 2:

After having breakfast, we packed up and headed to the most-awaited (and only) activity for the dayyyyy! THE LONGEST ISLAND-TO-ISLAND ZIPLINE IN THE WORLD! Yahoo!! 

We took a tricycle from the camp site to the where this zipline is located. Some opted to go wall-climbing while waiting for their turn for the zipline. This zipline was 1.4 km long (the rope was 1.7km)! IT. WAS. A. BLAST!

We headed back to the camp site (by small boats) to get our stuff and went on to our next island where we will be spending our second night.

We watched the sunset aboard the boat to the next island. The sunset was so majestic, it would make all your problems go away (sorry cliche, but no other words can describe it). We arrived, set camp, and had a festive dinner consisting of crab, buttered shrimp, grilled squid, grilled pork, ensalada, grilled fish, and sinigang (there may be other side dishes I forgot about).

Another camp night concluded!

Day 3:

Diz iz my favorite part of the trip!

Up early again to prepare for the next island! We brought the food and other stuff for our stay. It was around two hours from the last island. IT’S A SECRET PARADISE!

I’ll let the photos do the talking. Yayy!

Panoramic view! What a peaceful paradise!

Uphill trek we discovered in the island.

Clear waters, white sand, and blue sky!

I couldn’t explain the beauty, even this photo cannot convey it’s full glory.

At the top!

Overlooking view from the top of the island!


#ApoReefic squad! (We’re incomplete, aww.) Thanks for the experience, guys! 🙂

We spent our third and last night at Jonnel’s house located at San Jose in preparation for our flight early the next day.

Day 4:

Bye, bye, Mindoro! It has been great!

Here is the original itinerary and expenses:

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