10 things I would tell my 16 year-old self if I could

  1. Everyone will hurt and disappoint you, but you must learn how to forgive.
  2. Don’t jump over seasons of your life, have faith in the Lord’s perfect timing. Trust the process.
  3. Your family is the most important relationship you could ever have next to your relationship with God.
  4. Try not to lose yourself; guard your heart. Guard it against the enemy who seeks to steal your love, peace, and joy.
  5. Keep fanning the fire, especially the fire you have for worship.
  6. Learn when to say ‘no’.
  7. Health is important.
  8. Appreciate your skills and talents and hone them. Be the best that you can be. Keep writing.
  9. Invest in the right people and try not to lose heart in your passion for them. There are some out there who are worth it.
  10. Be present in each moment.

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